Secrets to Getting the Best Interest Rate

Secrets to Getting the Best Interest Rate

One question everyone asks when seeking a home loan in Massachusetts is, “What’s the rate?” But the numbers don’t tell the entire story!

Not all banks and mortgage companies are the same. Many offer a limited choice of loan products and give you little choice in the mortgage you must accept.

Unlike a bank loan officer, Direct Finance is not tied to just one source of money or lending rules. We have the independence to search the marketplace for the best loan program that will meet your needs. We do the searching for you, saving you time and money!

But What’s the Rate?

The only correct answer is – It depends! The loan rate you pay depends on many variables. In fact, NO lender can truly quote a rate or closing costs without additional information. On top of that, interest rates change daily, adding even more confusion and stress when shopping for a mortgage.

At Direct Finance, we utilize “LoanSifter” which is a proprietary technology that allows us to search loan products and lending guidelines from nationwide and local lenders giving us hundreds of different options. By asking a series of questions we can identify which loan programs you may qualify for and then choose the best options to determine the exact available interest rates and closing costs. This takes the guesswork out of the process and prevents surprises later on.

The Best Mortgage Beats the Best Rate!

Don’t waste time chasing after the best rate when you should be seeking the best mortgage to meet your needs! Call Direct Finance Corp. at 877-499-7283 or complete our convenient online information request form.

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