How Much Can I Save By Refinancing?


One benefit of refinancing your Massachusetts mortgage could be lower monthly payments, as well as savings on interest payments by reducing the term of your loan.

The first question every borrower wants to know is: What’s my rate? ┬áThe answer is not as simple as the question, and many advertised refinancing rates turn out to be not a very good bargain for the borrower. Here’s why.

Not all banks and mortgage companies are created equally. Many offer only a narrow range of loan products, limiting your choice as a borrower. Unlike a bank loan officer, Direct Finance Corp. is not tied to just one source of money or lending rules. Instead, we have the independence to search the marketplace for the best loan program that will meet your needs. We do the searching for you which saves you time and money!

The mortgage interest rate we obtain for you depends on many variables. NO lender can truly quote a rate or closing costs without additional information. On top of that, interest rates fluctuate daily, adding even more confusion and stress when shopping for a mortgage.

More Choices Means the Right Mortgage for You.

At Direct Finance, we utilize “LoanSifter” which is a proprietary technology that allows us to search loan products and lending guidelines from more than 180 lenders. By asking a series of questions we can identify which loan programs you qualify for and then fine tune your options to determine the exact available interest rates and closing costs. This takes the guesswork out of the process and prevents surprises later on.

Direct Finance Corp. is a Massachusetts mortgage broker that has completed thousands of mortgage loans. We find the key to a smooth and successful mortgage is organization and communication. We help each of our clients to be well prepared, to gather the necessary documentation, and to understand the mortgage application process.

Let us help you find the right mortgage today. Call Direct Finance Corp. at 877-499-7283.

How Much Can I Save By Refinancing?

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